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Hyundai Elantra: Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA) / Function settings


Speed Limit

With the engine on, select or deselect ‘Driver Assistance → Speed Limit’ from the Settings menu to set whether or not to use each function.

- If ‘Speed Limit Assist’ is selected, the function will inform the driver of speed limit and additional road signs. In addition, the function will inform the driver to change set speed of Manual Speed Limit Assist and/or Smart Cruise Control to help the driver stay within the speed limit.
- If ‘Speed Limit Warning’ is selected, the function will inform the driver of speed limit and additional road signs. In addition, the function will warn the driver when the vehicle is driven faster than the speed limit.
- If ‘Off’ is selected, the function will turn off.


If ‘Speed Limit Warning’ is selected, he system will not inform the driver to adjust set speed.

Speed Limit Offset

With the engine on, when ‘Driver Assistance → Speed Limit → Speed Limit Offset’ is selected, the Speed Limit Offset can be changed. Speed Limit Warning and Speed Limit Assist will operate by applying the Speed Limit Offset setting to the detected speed limit.


  • For your safety, change the Settings after parking the vehicle at a safe location.
  • Speed Limit Assist function operates based on the Offset setting added to the speed limit. If you want to change the set speed according to the speed limit, set the offset to ‘0’.
  • Speed Limit Warning function warns the driver when driving speed exceeds the speed at which the set Offset is added to speed limit. If you want Speed Limit Warning to warn you immediately when the driving speed exceeds the speed limit, set the offset to ‘0’.

    Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA)

    Intelligent Speed Limit Assist uses information from the detected road sign and navigation system to inform the driver of the speed limit and additional information of the current road...

    Function operation

    Function warning and control Intelligent Speed Limit Assist will warn and control the vehicle by ‘Displaying speed limit’, ‘Warning overspeed’ and ‘Changing set speed’...

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    Tire Rotation

    To equalize tread wear, HYUNDAI recommends that the tires be rotated according to the maintenance schedule or sooner if irregular wear develops.

    During rotation, check the tires for correct balance.

    When rotating tires, check for uneven wear and damage. Abnormal wear is usually caused by incorrect tire pressure, improper wheel alignment, out-ofbalance wheels, severe braking or severe cornering. Look for bumps or bulges in the tread or side of the tire. Replace the tire if you find any of these conditions. Replace the tire if fabric or cord is visible. After rotation, be sure to bring the front and rear tire pressures to specification and check lug nut tightness (proper torque is 79~94 lbf·ft [11~13 kgf·m]).

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