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Hyundai Elantra: Hyundai Digital Key / Personalized profile and vehicle settings

Connect the registered digital key with personalized profile. Then in case you lock or unlock the door with the digital key NFC function or unlock the door remotely by digital key application Bluetooth connection, the vehicle will play the personalized user profile settings. Profile connection and personalization are available for Driver 1 and Driver 2.

Profile link/unlinked

Profile link

1. Select Setup → User Profile → Profile Settings → Link Digital Key (Smartphone) on the infotainment system menu.

2. Unlock your digital key installed smart phone screen and place it onto the wireless charger according to a message.

3. It begins the profile link with a message.

4. If you select Link, the registered phone number’s digital key and the user’s profile are linked.

5. The interconnection process is completed with a message.

Profile unlink

1. Select Digital Key information on infotainment Vehicle Settings menu. It is possible to unlink only if the profile is interconnected.

2. Profile unlink is completed with a message.


If you connect both Driver 1 and Driver 2 with a single smartphone, the smartphone digital key always works as Driver 1.

If you unlink the Driver 1, personalization function will operate as Driver 2.

PRECAUTION for vehicle profile link and unlink

When you link or unlink the profile of digital key, you should be careful of the following.

  • Profile link is possible to use with the digital key. (Infotainment Vehicle Settings Mode → Digital Key → Enable Digital Keys)
  • Profile link information remains even when you disable the digital key function.
  • Only the smart phone with digital key app enables you to link your profile. (Impossible to link with NFC card)
  • Profile link works only when the smart phone and the digital key are registered to the vehicle. The smart phone with another vehicle’s digital key cannot link profile.
  • If you remove the smart phone from the wireless charger before completing the profile link, it does not work.
  • To unlink the profile, the smart phone does not need to be on the wireless charger.

Vehicle personalization operation

The personalization function linked with digital key works as following conditions:

  • Contact the driver’s door handle with the profile linked smart phone to lock or unlock the doors (Personalization does not operate when locking or unlocking the front passenger door.)
  • Remote door unlock with the profile linked smartphone digital key app.

The profile linked with digital key can be changed manually in the infotainment system setup screen.

Precaution for digital key profile link and unlink

Profile operation according to door lock/ unlock system is as follows.

  • The personalization function using the digital key can be operated after linking the digital key on the infotainment system profile menu.
  • You should use the personalization function only when the vehicle is safely parked.

Vehicle personalization with digital key

The available personalization function in the vehicle is as follows.

For more information of personalization, refer to the infotainment system manual.


If you leave the digital key after locking or unlocking the doors or starting up the vehicle with the smart key, the doors can be locked by the central door lock. Please carry the digital key at all times.

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