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Special Service Tools
Tool Name / Number
Fuel Pressure Gauge

Used for measuring the pressure in fuel line
Fuel Pressure Gauge Adapter

Used for connecting between delivery and fuel feed tube to measure the pressure in fuel line

Heated Oxygen Sensor Socket Wrench

Used for removing / installing heated oxygen sensor

※SST 09392-2H100 also can be used
Injector Combustion Seal Guide & Sizing tool

Installation of the injector combustion seal
Torque Wrench Socket
09314-3Q100 or 09314-27130 (19mm)

Removal and installation of the high pressure fuel pipe
Fuel pump plage cover remover

Removal and installation of the fuel pump


    SpecificationsFuel Delivery System Items Specification Fuel TankCapacity [L (, U.S...

    Engine Control System


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    Air bag collision sensors

    1. SRS control module/Rollover sensor
    2. Front impact sensors
    3. Side impact sensors (acceleration)
    4. Side impact sensors (pressure)

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