Hyundai Elantra Owners and Service Manuals

Hyundai Elantra: Gauges and Meters / Tachometer

The tachometer indicates the approximate number of engine revolutions per minute (RPM).

Use the tachometer to select the correct shift points and to prevent lugging and/ or over-revving the engine.


Do not operate the engine within the tachometer's RED ZONE. This may cause severe engine damage.



    Engine coolant temperature gauge

    Type A Type B This gauge indicates the temperature of the engine coolant when the ignition switch is in the ON position. NOTICE If the gauge pointer moves beyond the normal range area toward the "H" position, it indicates overheating that may damage the engine...

    Other information:

    Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Owner's Manual: Function operation

    Warning and control Collision warning when exiting vehicle When an approaching vehicle from the rear is detected, the ‘Watch for traffic’ warning message will appear on the cluster, and an audible warning will sound. Safe Exit Warning will warn the driver when your vehicle speed is below 2 mph (3 km/h), and the speed of the approaching vehicle from the rear is above 3 mph (..

    Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Service Manual: License Lamps

    Repair procedures Removal1.Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.2.Push the lock pin (B) and remove the license lamp (A).3.Disconnect the license lamp connector (A).4.Replace the bulb (A).Installation1.Connect the license lamp connector.2.Install the license lamp.3.Connect the negative (-) battery terminal...


    Rear center seat belt

    When using the rear center seat belt, the buckle with the “CENTER” mark must be used.


    Make sure that the seatback is locked in place when using the rear center seat belt.

    If not, the seatback may move when there is a sudden stop or collision, which could result in serious injury.

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