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Hyundai Elantra: Motor Driven Power Steering / Description and operation

MDPS (Motor Dirven Power Steering) system uses an electric motor to assist the steering force and it is an engine operation independent steering system.
MDPS control module controls the motor operation according to information received from the each sensor and CAN (Controller Area Network),
resulting in a more precise and timely control of steering assist than conventional engine-driven hydraulic systems. Components (Steering Angle Sensor, Torque Sensor, Fail-safe relay, etc.) of the MDPS system are located inside the steering column. MDPS unit assembly, steering column, and MDPS unit assembly must not be disassembled for inspection. They must be replaced if necessary.

    Motor Driven Power Steering


    Components and components location

    Components 1. Steering wheel2. Steering column3. MDPS power pack4. Universal joint5. Dust cap6. Tie rod end7. Bellows8. Steering gear box..

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    Manual climate control system

    To defog inside windshield

    [A] : Type A, [B] : Type B

    1. Select any fan speed except “0” position.

    2. Select the desired temperature.

    3. Select the or position.

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