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Hyundai Elantra: Driving your vehicle / Ignition Switch

Key Ignition Switch


To reduce the risk of SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH, take the following precautions:

  • NEVER allow children or any person who is unfamiliar with the vehicle to touch the ignition switch or related parts. Unexpected and sudden vehicle movement can occur.
  • NEVER reach through the steering wheel for the ignition switch, or any other control, while the vehicle is in motion. The presence of your hand or arm in this area may cause a loss of vehicle control resulting in an accident.

Whenever the front door is opened, the ignition switch will illuminate, provided the ignition switch is not in the ON position. The light will go off immediately when the ignition switch is turned on or go off after about 30 seconds when the door is closed.


NEVER turn the ignition switch to the LOCK or ACC position while the vehicle is in motion except in an emergency. This will result in the engine turning off and loss of power assist for the steering and brake systems. This may lead to loss of directional control and braking function, which could cause an accident.

Before leaving the driver's seat, always make sure the shift button is in P (Park) position, apply the parking brake, and turn ignition switch to the LOCK position.

Unexpected vehicle movement may occur if these precautions are not followed.

Key ignition switch positions

Starting the engine


Always wear appropriate shoes when operating your vehicle.

Unsuitable shoes, such as high heels, ski boots, sandals, flip-flops, etc., may interfere with your ability to use the brake and accelerator pedals.

Vehicle with intelligent variable transmission:

1. Make sure the parking brake is applied.

2. Make sure the shift lever is in P (Park).

3. Depress the brake pedal.

4. Turn the ignition switch to the START position. Hold the key (maximum of 10 seconds) until the engine starts and release it.


  • It is best to maintain a moderate engine speed until the vehicle engine comes up to normal operating temperature. Avoid harsh or abrupt acceleration or deceleration while the engine is still cold.
  • Whether the engine is cold or warm, always start the vehicle with your foot on the brake pedal. Do not depress the accelerator while starting the vehicle. Do not rev the engine while warming it up.


To prevent damage to the vehicle:

  • Do not hold the ignition key in the START position for more than 10 seconds. Wait 5 to 10 seconds before trying again.
  • Do not push or tow your vehicle to start the engine.

Turning off the engine

1. Stop the vehicle and depress the brake pedal fully.

2. Shift the gear to P (Park).

3. Turn the ignition switch to the off position and apply the parking brake.

Before Driving

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Engine Start/Stop Button

Whenever the front door is opened, the Engine Start/Stop button will illuminate and will go off 30 seconds after the door is closed. WARNING To reduce risk of serious injury or death, NEVER allow children or any person who is unfamiliar with the vehicle to touch the Engine Start/Stop button or related parts...

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Manual climate control system

To defog inside windshield

[A] : Type A, [B] : Type B

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2. Select the desired temperature.

3. Select the or position.

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