Hyundai Elantra Owners and Service Manuals

Hyundai Elantra: General Information / Towing

General information

Lift and Support Points    • When heavy rear components such as suspension, fuel tank, spare tire, tailgate and trunk lid are to be removed, place additional weight in the luggage area before hoisting...

General information

TowingIf the vehicle needs to be towed, call a professional towing service. It is very dangerous to tow a vehicle with just a rope or chain. Emergency TowingThere are three popular methods of towing a vehicle : – Flat-bed TowingThe operator loads the vehicle on the back of truck...

Other information:

Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Service Manual: Components and components location

Components1. Glass panel assembly2. Deflector3. Motor assembly4. Spring base assembly5. Seth plate assembly6. Guide assembly7. Frame sub assembly8. Seal tape9. Rear drip 10. Stopper11. Sunshade assembly12. Drip rail assembly..

Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Service Manual: Specifications

Specifications[Memory Power Seat Unit ] Item Specifications Rated voltageDC 12VOperating VoltageDC 9V - 16VOperating Temperature Range-30°C to 75°C Dark currentMax. 1㎃[Memory Power Seat Switch ] Item Specifications Rated voltageDC 5VType Soft Feeling Tact typeOperating Temperature Range-3..


Side air bags

Front seat

Your vehicle is equipped with a side air bag in each front seat. The purpose of the air bag is to provide the vehicle’s driver and the front passenger with additional protection than that offered by the seat belt alone.

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