Hyundai Elantra Owners and Service Manuals

Hyundai Elantra: Infotainment System / Antenna

Shark fin antenna (1)

The shark fin antenna receives data transmitted from base stations and satelliltes (for example: GPS, Sirus XM, LTE) and also transmits to base stations (for example: LTE).

Glass antenna (2)

Your vehicle uses a glass antenna to receive both AM and FM signals.


  • Do not clean the inside of the rear window glass with a cleaner or scraper to remove foreign deposits as this may cause damage to the antenna elements.
  • To prevent damage to the rear glass antenna, never use sharp instruments or window cleaner containing abrasives to clean the window. Clean the inside surface of the rear glass window with a piece of soft cloth.
  • Avoid adding metallic coatings such as Ni, Cd, etc. These can degrade the receiving AM and FM broadcast signals.
  • When putting a sticker on the inside surface of the rear window, be careful not to damage the rear glass antenna.
  • Do not put sharp instruments nearby the rear glass antenna.
  • Tinted rear window may affect the proper functioning of the antenna.

    USB Port

    You can use an USB port to plug in an USB. Information When using a portable audio device connected to the power outlet, noise may occur during playback...

    Steering wheel audio control

    The steering wheel audio control switches are installed for your convenience. NOTICE Do not operate audio remote control buttons simultaneously. VOLUME (VOL + / VOL -) (1) Move the VOLUME toggle switch up to increase volume...

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    Side air bags

    Front seat

    Your vehicle is equipped with a side air bag in each front seat. The purpose of the air bag is to provide the vehicle’s driver and the front passenger with additional protection than that offered by the seat belt alone.

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