Hyundai Elantra Owners and Service Manuals

Hyundai Elantra: Body Electrical System / Button Engine Start System

Head Lamp Leveling Switch

Schematic diagrams Schematic Diagrams Repair procedures Replacement1.Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.2.Remove the crash pad lower panel (A)...

Description and operation

DescriptionSystem OverviewThe System offers the following features:– Human / machine interface through a 1-stage button, for terminal switching and engine start...

Other information:

Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Service Manual: Evaporator Temperature Sensor

Description and operation DescriptionThe evaporator temperature sensor will detect the evaporator core temperature and interrupt compressor relay power in order to prevent evaporator from freezing by excessive cooling. The evaporator temperature sensor has the Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC)...

Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Service Manual: General safety information and caution

General Safety Information and Caution1.Be careful when driving the vehicle using the smart cruise control system as follows.(1)On curves or inclines/declines• The smart cruise control system may have limits to detect distance to the vehicle ahead due to road and traffic conditions...


Side air bags

Front seat

Your vehicle is equipped with a side air bag in each front seat. The purpose of the air bag is to provide the vehicle’s driver and the front passenger with additional protection than that offered by the seat belt alone.

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