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Hyundai Elantra: Emission Control System / Evaporative Emission Control System

Schematic diagrams


Schematic diagrams

Schematic Diagram1. Air cleaner2. Delivery pipe & injector3. Engine4. Purge control solenoid valve (PCSV)5. Fuel tank air filter6. Fuel pump7. Fuel filler neck8...

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Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2023 Service Manual: Rear Door Latch

Components and components location Component Location 1. Rear door latch Repair procedures Replacement1.Remove the rear door module.(Refer to Rear Door - "Rear Door Module")2.Remove the rear door inside handle cage (A) by pulling it in the direction of the arrow...

Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2023 Service Manual: RCV Control Solenoid Valve

Description and operation DescriptionRCV (Recirculation Valve) Control Solenoid Valve is installed on the intercooler inlet pipe and operates the RCV actuator which controls the by-pass passage of the turbocharger compressor.When the throttle is closed, while the engine is running at cruise rpm (tip-out), the turbocharger boost pressure raises rapidly...


Rear center seat belt

When using the rear center seat belt, the buckle with the “CENTER” mark must be used.


Make sure that the seatback is locked in place when using the rear center seat belt.

If not, the seatback may move when there is a sudden stop or collision, which could result in serious injury.

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