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Hyundai Elantra: Motor Driven Power Steering / Repair procedures

A/S Repair produres
MDPS System A/S Workflow
※ For detailed DTC or other DTC A/S procedures, see "CN7 MDPS DTC Diagnostic Guide"

① Noise / malfunction Inspection

② Warning lamp (DTC) / CAN Line error
2 - 1 Checking Connectors and Wiring
Checking Connectors and Wiring.
Check for damage, push-back, or improper connection in each connector and wiring.
Check the wiring on the vehicle side.
Check for open / short - circuit due to faulty connection, damage, or foreign substance.

Check the motor connector.
Terminal Expansion and damage

Must be replaced the MDPS motor if occur terminal expansion and damage.
(Refer to Motor Driven Power Steering - "MDPS Power Pack Assembly")
Remove the grommet (A) and then check the wiring on the TAS side (B) and ECU side (C).
Check for damage, push-back, or improper connection in each connector and wiring.

For DTC C125901 / C125929 / C125938 / C129002, exchange MDPS wiring.
(Refer to Motor Driven Power Steering - "MDPS Wiring")
If problems are found during the MDPS wiring check, replace the MDPS column & housing.
(Refer to Motor Driven Power Steering - "MDPS Column & Housing")
2 - 2 Inspection Items per DTC
※ For detailed DTC or other DTC A/S procedures, see "CN7 MDPS DTC Diagnostic Guide"
First analysis method
How to repair
Torque sensor signal error
First erase DTC,
When the sensor connector flows, the warning lamp reoccurs Replace the sensor cable, and replace the column & housing (56390)
check connector connection
Steering angle signal error
Earase DTC after resetting Steering angle zero point
check connector connection

Torque sensor power supply error
First erase DTC, check connector connection
When the sensor connector flows, the warning lamp reoccurs Replace the sensor cable, and replace the power pack (56370)
ECU hardware error
Check after erasing the DTC
In case of reoccurrence, replace MDPS power pack (56370)
Relay breaking of a wire

ECU over/discharge error
Motor circuit break / short
Motor current error
Over current error
Motor electric current gate error
Broken the motor current sensor
Motor circuit error
Steering angle zero point error
Check after resetting Steering angle zero point
Resetting Steering angle zero point or replace column & housing (56390)
Check sensor connector poor connect
Not received the EMS CAN message
1. Check chassis CAN condition

Vehicle speed monitoring error
2. Check connector connection
Earase DTC (No MDPS replacement)
Vehicle speed signal error
3. Check engine ECU

4. Start OFF history confirmation message while driving

Not received the cluster CAN signal
2. Check cluster connector connection

Cluster display vehicle speed error

Not received the VSM message
Check ESC, check chassis CAN condition

ESC signal error

ECU abnormal end
Recheck after erasing the DTC

Cannot be received the LKA message
Check LKA, check CAN line

LKA signal error

Not received the gateway CAN message
Check gateway

Gateway CAN signal error

③ MDPS Performance Inspection
Inspect steering angle and DTCs relevant to the steering system.
Inspection for heavy steering effort
Inspect tire pressure and width.
Check DTCs relevant to the CAN communication error.
Check the wheel alignment.
④ MDPS common problems
Case 1
Case 2
Case 3

Multifunction switch noise
Clock spring noise
DAB / Wire noise
Retighten the bolt
Replace clock spring
Rearrange and replace DAB

Case 4
Case 5
Case 6

Multifunction switch noise
MB nut mount defect
M10 nut mount defect
Replace multifunction switch
Retighten nut
Retighten nut

Case 7
Case 8

Cowl top bolt mount defect
Cowl bar nut mount defect
Retighten cowl top bolt
Replace clock spring

Cautions to be taken when handling the MDPS (Motor Driven Power Steering)
Failure occurs due to internal damage because of the drop of and shock and excessive external force on the new partial component.
→ Be cautious of shock on the partial component and replace the damaged part (due to drop, etc.) with a new one.
When fastening the steering, excessive impact may result in twisting the center point of the torque sensor.
When removing/installing the connector the wiring may be damaged (deformed) by excessive external force.
Be cautious when storing and replacing the partial components under the abnormal temperature and humidity conditions.

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