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Hyundai Elantra: Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) / Cruise Control System (CC)

Smart Cruise Control (SCC) Switch

Schematic diagrams Circuit DiagramTRIP / SCC / LFA Repair procedures Inspection1.Check for resistance between terminals in each switch position (LH)...

Description and operation

DescriptionThe cruise control system is engaged by the cruise "ON/OFF" main switch located on right of steering wheel column. The system has the capability to cruise, coast, accelerate and resume speed...

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Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Owner's Manual: How Does the Air Bag System Operate?

The SRS consists of the following components: 1. Driver’s front air bag module 2. Passenger’s front air bag module 3. Side air bag modules (front) 4. Curtain air bag modules 5. Retractor pre-tensioner assemblies 6. Air bag warning light 7...

Hyundai Elantra (CN7) 2021-2024 Service Manual: Troubleshooting

Diagnosis with Diagnostic tool1.In the body electrical system, failure can be quickly diagnosed by using the vehicle diagnostic system (Diagnostic tool).The diagnostic system (Diagnostic tool) provides the following information.(1)Fault Code Searching : Checking failure and code number (DTC)(2)Data Analysis : Checking the system input/output data state(3)Actuation test : Checking the system operat..


Air bag collision sensors

1. SRS control module/Rollover sensor
2. Front impact sensors
3. Side impact sensors (acceleration)
4. Side impact sensors (pressure)

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